Anyone can learn to sing!

Do you want to control your vocal development? Whether beginner or advanced – your voice can improve!

So many people believe that a beautiful voice is given by nature or you simply have no talent. That’s just not true, everyone can learn to sing beautifully, no matter what the others say. I have proven that often enough.

My mission is to spread this message and help you find your natural and liberated voice. No matter if you have a tight, croaking voice or want to improve an already very good voice: With the right technique, anything is possible!

In the course of my experience with many individual students and groups, I have met many people who suffer from limitations in their voice: They don’t reach the high notes, they get hoarse, can’t express their feelings properly through the voice and their throat squeezes and presses.

You don’t need to use your throat directly to sing more beautifully and voluminously. You need to learn how to “embed” it. Basically, you need an effective breathing technique and coordination of muscles throughout the body to free the throat.

It is difficult to find good singing lessons: Excellent qualified singers often only want to deal with future professionals and beginners have to turn (fatal mistake!) to semi-professional musicians who do not really have stage experience.
It’s different with me: I have already solved many persistent vocal problems and can help advanced musicians to the final polish with my experience.

In order to make progress, 2 things are particularly important: the vocal technique and the attitude, the musical expression. And just for this I have made a free video especially for you, which you can download now:
Here I sing for you. I am a classical singer. However, the tips in the free video can be applied to all music styles!

„sing expressively and from your heart“

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