How the free video “Expressive singing” introduces you to a magical world of music…

Have you ever seen this before? You listen to a singer and are touched with your whole heart, even moved by tears. “If only I could sing with so much feeling,” you wish.

The fact that you can sympathize with the singer shows that you are just as emotional! What is the difference?

Professional singers are able to put their feelings into their voice. Yes: Most professional musicians have had a connection to musicality since their childhood. But don’t think that’s enough! We too get tools from our teachers, which show us how to make things sound even more beautiful, how to touch hearts even more, how to become even freer.

That’s right. You can learn it! That means you too – no matter where you stand today – can make musical progress that will also give you a free voice and more volume when singing and finally enable you to sing higher notes. So maybe you can sing even more of your favorite pieces…

The great thing about it is that you can share your music with other people and give the world a gift with your performance.

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„sing expressively and from your heart“

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