Singing and health

Singing promotes your health

• The immune system of the human body is activated after only a few minutes of singing. The oxygen supply to the organs improves.
• The stress hormone adrenalin is broken down while singing.
• When singing, her whole body is used. It can be like sports and keeps you fit.
• They live longer! In singing lessons you will learn an optimal breathing technique. If you use your lungs/diaphragm optimally, you can prolong your life.
• Singing helps you lose weight. When you learn to sing from your body, you consume an enormous amount of calories. I always wonder about corpulent colleagues. You have to eat mountains! I take at least 5 meals a day to myself not to disappear. But with cream, please! ?
• They will automatically eat a healthier diet. If you go to singing class and have eaten fast food before, you’ll find that you can’t muster the power you need.
• You’re sick less often. Not only because the immune system is activated while singing: You’re so excited about singing lessons, you won’t allow your neck to catch a cold. A lot can be achieved with a little psychosomatic medicine.

singing is healthy

„sing expressively and from your heart“

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