Singing in choir

Singing in a choir makes you happy!

Happiness hormones are released
by singing in a choir

Singing in a choir gives people from all over the world great joy, enthusiasm and even euphoria. They experience goose bumps while they enjoy how their own voice merges with those of others. The harmonic sound experience can be psychologically as well as physically very moving. Although high concentration takes place one experiences deepest relaxation.

Not only the musical sensation releases endorphins, but also the shared experience. Your own voice seems to have a much greater impact.

singing in choir

Singing in a choir is one of the most popular hobbies – there is a choir to suit everyone

In Germany alone, more than 3.5 million people sing in a choir. There are over 20,000 choirs in the German Choir Association, a similar number of church choirs and around 15,000 organisers who organise free choir projects. Not to mention the private choirs and singing groups that are nowhere registered. The tendency is rising.

Especially in big cities the number of choirs and choir singers increases. There are also usually the best musicians who can lead choirs competently. Especially in metropolises live very good church musicians, pedagogues and highly educated musicians. 

Many colleges of music even offer a specialized course in choral conducting. The enormous potential of young talent is far from exhausted. In rural areas, on the other hand, traditional choirs (e.g. male choral societies) unfortunately tend to die out.

There is a wide range of choirs. Never before has the selection been as varied as it is today. Pop choirs, gospel choirs, classical choirs, church choirs, children’s choirs, senior choirs, a capella ensembles, choirs that do a bit of everything. – The spectrum is huge! Some laymen have semi-professional demands, others just want to sing for fun and relaxation. There’s something for everyone. There are more and more new ideas for innovative concert formats. New arrangements are written and the most creative ideas are born.

Choral singing at different levels

In general, the awareness of quality is increasing very much. There are more and more choirs with a high level. Really good choir conductors can also make hobby singers very tasty to improve themselves: they thus create need for great performance. The bigger the goal, the motivation, the more beautiful the sound and the musical interpretation, the more joy comes up!
On the other hand there are more and more Mitsing-formats which are called for example “Everybody can sing”. Even people who just want to sing to free their soul will find the right platform. More and more kindergartens, schools and retirement homes are offering singing groups.

singing in a choir

Promoting health by singing in the choir

Singing in the choir promotes health. Choral singing makes you happy. This promotes the immune system. Singing also makes you strong, as it is almost impossible to feel fear when you sing with your head raised. In addition, during singing the heart rates of the choir singers are equalized, so some songs have an effect on the body like yoga.

 Researchers have shown that choral singing synchronizes the movements of muscles and nerve activity in large parts of the body. There are even scientific studies that prove that choristers’ hearts vibrate in unison. 

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg report that controlled inhalation and exhalation are healthy for the organism. It reduces stress and regulates blood pressure.

So what are you waiting for: Find your favourite choir today!

„sing expressively and from your heart“

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