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52 good reasons to take singing lessons!

Do you want to take singing lessons? If so, it is a beautiful decision! I’ll tell you why:

Not only do lessons lead to better technique, but they enrich your life in other ways!

1. singing is fun!

Musicality – singing lessons develop your musicality

2. Singing lessons can help you develop your musical feeling. The voice is produced by our body, making it the most natural instrument in the world. Every person has an individual timbre and can produce different colors. There is no other instrument in the world with so many possibilities.
3. You can sing alongside other instruments. You can sing with instruments such as the piano, guitar or organ; you can sing in an ensemble, in a band or even with an orchestra.
4. You learn how to intonate precisely.

5. Singing lessons are the best way to learn how to phrase musically.

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Well-being/Psyche – Singing leads to more well-being

6. You become more confident. By expressing your feelings through your voice, you get to know yourself better and can build more self-confidence.
7. Singing fights depression. I have often experienced my students come into singing lessons bent, only to chirp out again.
8. Singing makes you happy! I’m sure you’ve caught yourself humming when you’re happy, but the same also occurs vice-versa.

9. Emotional world expands. The characters of the protagonists do not necessarily have to correspond to yours. They can feel and consider sensations that they may not have experienced before. New perspectives open up.

10. Learning to let go. You can’t learn music purely intellectually; when you have too much on your mind while making music, you will be stiff and firm. Another kind of concentration takes place. Relax internally so that the musical phrases can flow. This also creates a more beautiful sound.11. Voice and psyche are strongly connected. You will realize that many of the things you notice in your voice are also reflected in your personality structure. This allows you to work on yourself during singing lessons.

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Health – Singing promotes good health

12. Singing promotes health. The human immune system is activated after only a few minutes of singing and the oxygen supply to the organs improves.

13. The stress hormone adrenalin is broken down while singing.

14. When singing, the whole body is used. Like sports, it keeps you fit.

15. It improves longevity! In singing lessons, you will learn an optimal breathing technique. If you use your lungs/diaphragm optimally, you can prolong your life.

16. Singing helps you lose weight. When you learn to sing from your body, you consume an enormous amount of calories. I always wonder about corpulent colleagues. You must eat mountains! I take at least 5 meals a day to not to disappear. But with cream, please!

17. You will automatically eat a healthier diet. If you go to singing class and have eaten fast food before, you’ll find that you won’t have the power you need.

18. You won’t get sick as often. Not only because the immune system is activated while singing, but because you’ll be so excited about singing lessons that you won’t allow your throat to catch a cold. A lot can be achieved with a little psychosomatic medicine.

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Body awareness – your body awareness is trained during singing lessons

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Social aspects

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Aesthetic – singing makes beautiful

Vocational – singing lessons promote professional success

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Personality development – voice training and mental development are strongly related to each other

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Vocal technique

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Bonus – Singing lessons have many more advantages…

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The most important questions about singing lessons

What do you do in singing class?

Normally, you do introductory exercises first. This is especially important to build the voice. It’s not just about singing yourself “warm” and singing some runs. Certain aspects that need to be improved in the training are specifically taken through in individual singing exercises. They are like small heuristics (very simplified pieces consisting of a few notes) to focus on the essential problem (for example, breaks in the voice, vocal equalization, etc.). Such an exercise is usually continued in half steps so that the learned ability can be transferred to the entire range.
The second step is to work on repertoire. You can work very technically to implement what you learned in the vocal exercises. But you can also work on interpretation, music or acting, also leading to an improved vocal sound.

What’s the point of singing lessons?

Lots. We learn to express what we feel with our voice. To interpret a piece, you need technical tools. Of course, there are always natural talents, but even those need a coach because at some point, everyone reaches their limits and can damage their voice. When a private student comes to me, they learn in the first lesson how to sing a fifth to an octave higher than they thought they could, and the volume is at least doubled. Most of them try to achieve such effects directly through the throat on their own, which can be painful and leads to hoarseness.

What do you learn in singing class?

Above all, one learns how to sing pieces to  “come across” the way they want it to. For example, if we sing a love song: how do we make the voice sound in love? There are special tools that teach you to do that. One learns to articulate, phrase, and shape the tones as we bring a piece to life.

How much are singing lessons?

Private singing lessons cost about 30-200€ per hour. Of course, I admit that everything over 100€ for a beginner is completely exaggerated. However, it is very important to consider the quality of the lesson rather than the price. In my online workshop I made an extra video on the topic “Finding a vocal teacher”. This is the basis for a successful vocal development! If you find a teacher that is expensive but has a perfect connection to you and is human, musical and has very good singing skills, it makes sense to go to classes once a month and practice at home more diligently.

What can you achieve with singing lessons?

You can achieve all your goals. Anyone with two normal, healthy vocal chords can become a singer. (Most people don’t become singers because they don’t have this incredibly open personality structure.)
Disclaimer: If you take an entrance examination at a conservatory, you must already have a lot of stage experience, be able to play other instruments and give whole concerts. The study can last up to 8 years. Even after that, there are singers who can’t finish after their graduation because their voice must still mature. So, it’s a very hard and long road.
However, very few actually want to become a singer. You can make progress after one hour. If, for example, you want to perform a beautiful piece in front of friends so that everyone is enthusiastic and enjoys the performance, then you can be sure that a good singing teacher can bring you to your goal, even if you only practice singing as a hobby.

When should you start singing lessons?

Anytime, preferably today! The smartest thing is to take singing lessons before you go in a choir. It’s never too late, by the way. You can even start singing when you reach retirement age. Even those over 80 can still make good progress. The older you are, the more you must “unlearn”. Learning to forget is a bit more work because the jaw is tense with over 50 years. (Unless you live on the alp and stroke your sheep every day). Breathing often gets higher when we are under stress for years. But don’t worry, for every little problem there is a solution or the appropriate singing exercise.

When is it worth taking singing lessons?

In all cases singing lessons are worthwhile. Not only if you’re looking for a professional career, but even if you are only one of many in the choir. You can learn a technique that allows you to sing well into old age, preventing the wear and tear of your voice. Singing lessons are also a lot of fun and a great experience, provided your singing teacher loves to teach.

When can I start taking singing lessons (with children)?

Children can start at 3 years old, but very cautiously. The moment your child is ready to learn and practice, the investment is worth it. Children can take singing lessons before that, but they must be informal. The child must be allowed to turn, move as they like and sing what they want. The purpose at this young age is to train the musical ear and build a positive relationship with the voice. Every child learns to concentrate and follow instructions at different ages. Some are ready by the age of 4, others by the age of 12. Just make sure that the singing teacher is very familiar with children’s voices.

How can I find a goof singing teacher?

There are singing lessons everywhere, but the good teachers mostly live in metropolises. Only in big cities can you really live with music as a freelancer. Also keep in mind that the best singing teachers may not teach at music schools. Of course, exceptions confirm the rule. In any case, it is very worthwhile to take a long trip to your dream instructor, even if you are a layman.

Why are singing lessons so expensive?

There are very few musicians who have completed a second course of study on the side. Most people don’t physically make it. My friends who have also studied medicine or law all say that studying music is more demanding. In addition, professional musicians must largely go without a normal childhood. So, one has to expect an academic hourly wage. But singing lessons are worth every cent, as you can see in the list above! To train a voice means happiness in life and is worth everything in the world.

How do I learn to sing without singing lessons?

You are welcome to do this online workshop that allows you to make nice progress. But you’ll want more and may seek a great teacher in your city.

How long do you have to take singing lessons?

That depends on how big your goals are. In any case, you should take singing lessons until the voice can vibrate freely and you no longer get hoarse. That varies from for every person, but experience shows that this takes 1-6 years.

How often should you take singing lessons?

As a hobby singer, once a week is sufficient. If you want to be a pro, it’s more like three times a week. Of course, this depends on your goals. Even as a layman, you will make better progress if you take singing lessons more often, as your teacher can correct you directly and thus prevent mistakes from creeping in. But as I said, it is better to have very good lessons once a month than poor lessons 3 times a week.

How long does singing class last?

Usually 60 minutes. Many teachers also offer 30 or 45 minutes. However, 60 minutes is the best time to achieve your goals. If you want longer lessons, you should already be advanced. A voice which is not completely free does not have good endurance.

How do I give singing lessons?

In my online workshop you will receive many valuable tips. However, I ask you from the bottom of my heart not to give singing lessons if you are not a professional singer. In return, I promise you that I will not construct the next aircraft in which you will fly soon, nor will I carry out your upcoming nose operation myself.

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