“Dear Susanna, I bought your voice training workshop and did the first exercises yesterday and today. My impression: SENSATIONAL! I already watched some short videos with tips (e.g. from Montserrat Caballé). But never before have I seen a summary of the best and most practical things and tips as seen in your workshop. Yesterday I already understood how to loosen your throat with the help of breathing exercises and have already managed to sing some sounds from the body. It’s a lot how much you can make singing easier. I also watched the video on speech technique and will try to use the tips in my work tomorrow when talking to customers! I am happy to have found this workshop and will implement everything step by step. Thank you so much for doing such a great job, Susanna”.   Bridget P.

“Hi Susanna, I completed your workshop and did all the exercises! You can’t imagine how many guides are on my bookshelf, they all helped me for a short time and only shallowly… Your workshop contains practically all aspects of all books and now I finally know how to implement it! Thank you very much!”   Gerald K.

“Your singing workshop is absolutely great. I’ve already looked through it, but I always look through individual chapters from time to time. I especially like your fresh, natural nature and the additional notes during the exercises. Thanks a lot! Now I feel much safer singing in the choir and dare to sing in the soprano again. My breathing has become more free, and I am no longer afraid of the high a.!” Barbara S.

“I haven’t even finished the workshop yet, and it has already done me sooo good! The flexibility exercises work really well. I already heard the first progress after one day through the versatile method in your workshop. THANK YOU!”   Steven P.

“Dear Susanna! For some time now I have been practicing through your online voice training program and I am thrilled. This program has already given me much more in this short time than some of the singing lessons I have attended. My sincere thanks for that :-)” Mike M.

“Hello dear Susanna, so far I could only work through the first video. Tears of happiness started running down my face and I felt so thankful because the breathing-technique worked! Thank you very much!”   Lydia R.

“Your workshop is just great! You are the inventor of the little miracle pill… of which you say that it does not exist. If you keep the step by step instructions and take the time to combine the different aspects of vocal technique, you can only make progress! Keep it up and thank you very much!” George K.

“The practical implementation is great. In particular your exercises help me before the choir rehearsal. It is much easier for me to sing in front of the other choir members when my choirmaster asks me to do so. Before I was always afraid that my voice would fail, especially if others listened to me. Now I don’t care and I even enjoy it.” Christoph P.

„sing expressively and from your heart“

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